Pioneers of the stratosphere

Since 2012, World View has led the way in remote sensing and Earth observation from the stratosphere, completing scores of successful flights for a variety of scientific, commercial and government enterprises. Our proprietary stratospheric balloon flight technology delivers better insights with far lower costs and lead times than satellites and other traditional aerial sources.
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Focused on the future

World View's remote-controlled Stratollites fly five times closer to Earth than satellites, capturing high-resolution imagery with much greater detail. And since they can persistently hover over a target area for months, they provide a clearer picture of changes on the ground than satellites that only fly over a target area at the same time every day.

Our Stratollites operate at altitudes of up to 95,000 ft. (~29 km) for days, weeks and months on end. They offer 250W of power and a payload capacity of 50kg (with heavier capacities available soon.) They combine the benefits of geostationary satellites, LEO satellites, and high-altitude drones – offering the ideal mix of resolution, accuracy, and persistent viewing of key targets. All at a fraction of the cost.

Persistence and Resolution

Our stratospheric technology allows World View to transit the stratosphere with sensors that loiter over large areas of interest and provide persistent observation and data collection for a wide variety of applications, without the limitations of satellite orbit paths or short duration flight vehicles.
45 days
5 cm

The opportunities are endless

Our high-resolution, infrared, radar and other remote sensing capabilities can deliver a wealth of insights across a range of applications. From helping agricultural yields to less-invasive energy and mineral exploration to tracking wildfires, storm systems and greenhouse gasses.
Electro-Optical: High resolution optical payload for daytime imagery.
Infrared: Thermal spectrum infrared payload for high resolution night vision capability.
Radar: Payload for tracking moving objects on Earth’s surface in any weather conditions.

Smarter data for better outcomes

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