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Edge of Space

Be among the first to soar to the upper stratosphere aboard World View Explorer. Gaze upon the stars and our planet like never before. And feel profoundly moved long after touchdown.
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A Transformative
5-Day Experience

Each space tourism flight is centered on an unforgettable, 5-day experience designed to expose you to a whole new world from above. Each flight carries 8 participants and 2 trained crew members in a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon. Spaceflights take off before dawn from World View Spaceports and rise up to 100,000 feet above Earth. You will float at the edge of space for hours as you take in the blackness of space and witness the curvature of Earth.
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Spaceports at Amazing Destinations

We carefully selected launch sites at awe-inspiring locations across the globe. We call these our Seven Wonders of the World, Stratospheric Edition™. This provides important contrast as you soar above these world wonders and appreciate the magnitude of what you see below.

Grand Canyon, USA
  • Grand Canyon, USA
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Serengeti, Kenya
  • Aurora Borealis, Norway
  • Amazonia, Brazil
  • Great Wall of China, Mongolia
  • Giza Pyramids, Egypt

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We’re not the only ones excited about our mission to change the nature of Earth observation through space tourism and remote sensing. Here are just a handful of the outlets covering our work. Visit our Press Room to read more stories.

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