The Leader in
Stratospheric Exploration

World View has pioneered exploration of the stratosphere through advanced research, discovery, and now human spaceflight. We have engineered and patented sophisticated takeoff and landing systems and developed complex methodologies for controlling trajectories in the stratosphere. These innovations have earned us the trust of NASA and other government, scientific, and aerospace organizations. Our expertise enables us to bring edge-of-space travel to the public and stratospheric remote sensing to governments and businesses, as World View embarks on the mission to inspire, create, and explore new perspectives for a radically improved future.

A Proven Legacy in Stratospheric Ballooning

  • 100+ Flights

    Successful Stratospheric Flights and Counting, Including 5 Heavy, Full-Mass Test Flights
  • 7 Years

    Ground-Breaking Stratospheric Research and Discovery
  • Human Flight

    Engineered Alan Eustace’s World Record Skydive from 135,890 Feet
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Executive Leadership
  • President, CEO
    Ryan Hartman

    Prior to World View, Ryan served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Insitu (acquired by Boeing), a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft.

  • President, Tourism and Exploration
    Dale Hipsh

    Dale Hipsh has spent the last 35 years in the hospitality industry and crafting bespoke guest experiences across the globe for such renowned hospitality brands as Hard Rock Hotels and The Ritz Carlton.

  • President, Remote Sensing
    Matteo Genna, PhD

    Prior to World View, Matteo served as Chief Technology Officer of Space Systems Loral (SSL), a leading provider of commercial satellites.

  • Chief Earth Advocate
    Adrian Grenier

    Grenier is an environmentalist, actor, and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. He collaborates with World View’s leadership to ideate and develop strategies to ensure the company’s sustainability goals are met through global partnerships, guest programming, and corporate initiatives.

  • Chief Operating Officer
    Obie Jones

    Jones comes to World View from Boeing, where he spent 35 years. Most recently he served as the Vice President Vertical Lift and Integrated Systems Operations.

  • VP, Business Operations
    Elizabeth Kryst

    Prior to World View, Elizabeth held leadership roles ranging from product introduction, program management, and strategic planning in advanced material science and environmental services.

  • Chief Exploration Officer
    Alan Stern, PhD

    Dr. Alan Stern is a renowned planetary scientist, former head of all NASA science missions, author, speaker and a co-founder of World View.

  • Chief Engineer
    Sebastian Padilla

    Sebastian led the StratEx team – a diverse core team of innovative engineers in the development, testing and operations of the entire StratEx System.

  • VP of Human Resources
    Ashley Smith

    Prior to World View, Ashley worked with global mining and engineering firms specializing in recruitment and employment law. She led full-cycle recruiting teams and strategic Human Resources initiatives.

  • Head of Finance
    Charlie Suarez

    Prior to World View, Charlie worked in public accounting with companies such as Arthur Andersen and RSM McGladrey and private such as ASARCO copper mining.

  • General Partner, Accel
    Sameer Gandhi

    Sameer Gandhi joined Accel in 2008 and focuses on consumer, cloud/SaaS, and media companies. Sameer is the former President of the Western Association of
    Venture Capitalists and has been named to the Forbes Midas List for Top Tech Investors.

  • Managing Partner, Canaan Partners
    Deepak Kamra

    Deepak Kamra invests in a spectrum of technology companies, with particular expertise and focus on marketplaces, aerospace and enterprise software. He started his career in the telecom software industry, which led to a startup and a successful IPO. He has been ranked on the Forbes Midas List twice.

  • Independent Board Member
    Tom Ingersoll

    Tom Ingersoll is a Managing Partner at Space Capital and former CEO of Skybox Imaging. Previously, he was the co-founder and CEO of Universal Space Network (USN), a leading provider of global ground station services to the satellite industry, where he led the company to become the U.S. sector leader.

  • Former NASA Astronaut
    Charlie Precourt

    Precourt is a retired NASA astronaut. He served in the US Air Force, piloted numerous jet aircraft, and piloted and commanded the Space Shuttle. He also served as Chief of the Astronaut Office from 1998 to 2002. He has remained active in the aerospace sector, leading propulsion and space system development the world’s leading aerospace companies.

  • President, CEO
    Ryan Hartman

    Prior to World View, Ryan served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Insitu (acquired by Boeing), a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft.

  • Former Deputy Administrator, NASA
    Lori Garver

    Lori Garver was the lead civil space policy advisor for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and led the agency review team for NASA during the post-election transition.

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University
    Steven Collicott

    Dr. Collicott has substantial experiences with microgravity physics experimentation including a variety of interactions with players in the commercial flight services field.

  • President, Explorers Club
    Richard Garriott

    Richard Garriott is a founding father of the videogame industry and the commercial spaceflight industry, a flown astronaut, and the first explorer to have explored pole-to-pole, orbited the Earth, and reached the deepest point in the Ocean.

  • Former President, XCOR Aerospace
    Andrew Nelson

    Andrew Nelson is the former President of XCOR Aerospace. He is currently

  • ASST Professor, Asu School for the Future of Innovation in Society
    Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty, PhD
  • Cires Director at University of Colorado Boulder
    Waleed Abdalati, PhD
  • SR Fellow and Distinguished Chair, Air and Space Policy, Rand Corporation
    Natalie Crawford
  • President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
    Tony Busalacchi

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