Imagine rising into the stillness of a sunrise, gently ascending under a balloon. Floating into the blackness of space, you gaze at the curvature of the Earth below.

This is the World View experience.

Your journey of a lifetime begins the minute you step aboard the comfortable, stylishly-appointed spacecraft. With no special training, you’ll experience a thrill like no other – one that for more than half a century has been reserved solely for astronauts.

Now it’s your turn.

With World View, you’ll discover what it’s like to leave the surface of the Earth behind. Every tree, every building, even the mountains themselves become smaller and smaller as you gently and effortlessly rise above. The world becomes a natural collage of magnificent beauty, one you can only appreciate from space. Floating up more than 100,000 feet within the layers of the atmosphere, you will be safely and securely sailing at the very threshold of the heavens, skimming the edge of space for hours. The breathtaking view unfolds before you—our home planet suspended in the deep, beckoning cosmos. Your world view will be forever changed.

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Exploration is the pinnacle of the human experience.
Mark Kelly Former Astronaut and Director of Flight Crew Operations, World View

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    As Voyagers arrive at the launch site, the vehicle rests in its launch cradle, allowing the ground crew to inflate the high-tech balloon with helium and thoroughly check it out prior to lift-off. The luxurious capsule’s design is derived from decades of experience and reliable technology providing Voyagers with a welcoming environment and a safe, comfortable journey.

  • After a gentle lift-off, the capsule ascends for about one-and-a-half to two hours to an altitude of just over 100,000 feet, almost twenty miles high, atop 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere. The helium-filled balloon is lighter than air and, like ice floating on water, it literally floats above our planet’s atmosphere. Just as ice doesn’t fly out of a glass of water, it is impossible for the World View capsule to fly off into space. During the ascent, the helium in the balloon expands and decreases in density, lifting the capsule aloft until the envelope is fully inflated. Once the helium has expanded to completely fill the balloon, it stops ascending, reaching its target altitude.

  • Once at altitude, World View Voyagers sails the stratosphere for approximately two hours, admiring breathtaking panoramas with ample time to communicate with those back home or simply relish the experience while enjoying offerings from the refreshment bar. For the researcher, this significant amount of time at altitude affords the opportunity to conduct groundbreaking research.

  • For the return trip, the pilot begins the descent by venting helium from the balloon, which begins to gently descend. The ParaWing takes over for the remainder of the flight and the pilot releases the balloon, which the ground crew later recovers for recycling. At this phase, the ParaWing gently glides the capsule to a predetermined landing site. Before landing, the pilot deploys the skids, flairs the ParaWing and the capsule gently touches down. The ground crew quickly assists Voyagers as they disembark the craft. From there, the Voyagers are transported back to the launch site.

  • From lift-off to zenith to landing, the entire flight experience lasts five to six hours. The distance between launch and landing can be as far as 300 miles, depending on the speed of high-altitude winds. They blow predictably from approximately 0 to 150 miles per hour according to the time of year.

Total Flight


High Altitude Balloon


Flight Capsule

Capsule Layout

Capsule Layout

Note: Capsule specifications are subject to change as development evolves.

Safety and reliability are at the core of the design and development of World View flight systems, and the World View team is composed of experts in human spaceflight. The technologies employed for World View are rooted in reliable, dependable, and safety-conscious technologies and processes to ensure that Voyagers enjoy a safe and comfortable journey throughout their experience.

Safety Highlights

  • The ParaWing remains open the entire flight to allow the capsule to glide safely down to Earth at any time during the flight.
  • The backup parachute system is the same as those used on private airplanes.
  • The vehicle can be fully operated by the ground crew if necessary.
  • Dual-paned windows.
  • The life support system is designed to handle unlikely leaks in the capsule.
  • The proprietary launch cradle allows for complete balloon checkout prior to launching.

Your Voyage begins here.

We believe in the power of perspective to change the world. That’s why we’re actively pioneering the technology needed to enable a new era of human perspective for all humankind. With the ongoing development and deployment of our innovative un-crewed Stratollite vehicle, we’ve embarked on a sustainable journey to help us soon realize our all-important vision of routinely flying people to the edge of space.


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We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T.S. Elliot

Frequently Asked Questions

The Experience

What is the World View Experience?

The World View experience will begin with a gentle ride in the luxurious comfort of a beautifully appointed space-qualified capsule, lifted by a high altitude balloon to 30 km or 100,000 ft, where passengers will sail along the edge of space for approximately two hours before gliding safely back to Earth. Passengers will be among the privileged few to have seen the curvature of the Earth with their own eyes. They will be astounded by spectacular views, the blackness of space, the brilliance of stars and the thin veil of atmosphere enveloping our planet – scenes witnessed exclusively by astronauts, until now.

What will the interior of the capsule feel like?

The capsule will comfortably hold a total of eight voyagers (six private passengers and two World View pilots.) The interior design of the capsule will enhance and complement the beauty of the view before your eyes, creating an environment conducive to an experience that is as much about personal exploration and individuality as it is about embracing scale and inspiring change. Dual-pane windows the height of the average person and immersive viewing bubbles will allow Voyagers to gaze at the unobstructed 360-degree views of the earth and space. With a mini bar, light refreshments, and lavatory on board, there is no comparative experience on the earth or off. The comfort provided by our award-winning capsule design will ensure the ultimate spaceflight experience.

Is there any special training or medical pre-screening required?

Our goal is to create an experience that does not require pre-training or medical screening. We are in the business of creating a comfortable, “shirtsleeves” environment and experience for our Voyagers, free of any special training or equipment requirements.

Will there be zero gravity?

You will not experience weightlessness, as the World View experience is considered to be a luxurious, comfortable, and natural voyage, not requiring special training or equipment. This environment will allow our patrons to easily move about the capsule, take photos, and enjoy the finest food and your favorite cocktails. Reduced gravity is possible at an altitude of 100,000 ft., but the affect on the body inside our capsule is negligible at best at such an altitude.

What is the duration of the flight?

The total flight experience will take close to 5 hours. You’ll spend about 1.5 hours gracefully ascending to altitude, approximately 2 hours sailing above the atmosphere along the edge of space, and roughly 40 minutes gliding back down to earth.

Am I really going to space?

Voyagers will travel to what we call “nearspace,” which is the very edge of space. We will be floating up to more than 100,000 feet into the atmosphere – almost 20 miles up. To survive at that altitude, one must be in a pressurized, space-certified capsule. If you were to leave the capsule, you would need a spacesuit. Based on these facts, World View falls under the jurisdiction of the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space.



The Tickets

How can I request more information?

Simple. Click here to contact a World View Experience Manager.

How can I be on one of the first flights?

Reservations for the first few flights are in very high demand and are being held at a premium. If you are interested in being on one of the first few flights, please contact our World View Experience team here to discuss options and availability.



The Project

Have test flights already taken place?

We’ve conducted a number of different subscale system and component test flights, with our most recent major test flight taking place in June of 2014. That test validated the full flight profile of the spaceflight system, lifting a 10 percent scale system to 120,000 feet and back down to 50,000 feet where the transition to a parafoil was successfully executed, breaking the world record for highest parafoil flight and allowing further validation of the precision guided landing system of the space vehicle. The flight tested several essential components for consumer flights and captured breathtaking imagery of the view that will be afforded to Voyagers.

What is your biggest challenge or barrier at this time?

All the technologies needed for World View operations have been used for decades in space, high-altitude ballooning and other analogous uses. So, while we will be customizing and infusing updated designs, we don’t believe there are any major, potentially show-stopping challenges. But there is a great deal of rigorous testing ahead that is designed to demonstrate the system’s capabilities and to identify any potential risks so that we can deliver a safe, reliable product to our customers.

When will the first commercial passenger fly?

We have an aggressive internal schedule and program but are not currently publishing a specific commercial flight date. We anticipate commercial flight within a few short years and are aggressively developing our flight system, with a significant volume of subscale, component, and full scale testing taking place to ensure 100% reliability of our technology.

Is this approved by the FAA?

The FAA has given World View’s design a preliminary classification approval, as the capsule will in fact qualify as a space launch vehicle under section 50902(8) of its guidelines covering commercial space launch vehicles.

How safe is ballooning?

High altitude ballooning has been around since the late 18th century and has since evolved and been perfected as a reliable, durable and dependable mode of exploring the edge of space. In fact, the technology is considered within the aerospace community to be extremely dependable and safe.

Why World View?

Our technical partner, Paragon Space Development Corp., is the world’s premiere expert in environmental control and life support systems. Leveraging the unique expertise of our partners, we are uniquely qualified to pioneer this new, accessible and affordable flight regime. Paragon is a 20-year veteran of human spaceflight, and has designed, built and tested environmental control, life support and thermal control systems for manned space missions.




The Logistics

Can I choose my own departure date?

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and any unique requirements. You are more than welcome to move back in scheduling should friends or family join the program at a later date, but you will not be able to move ahead of those that have booked earlier and thus have higher scheduling priority numbers once tickets are available.

Where will I fly from?

We are still in the process of evaluating our final launch site(s). A handful of U.S. based launch locations are being considered and evaluated at this time. International locations will be considered after our first full year of flight operations.

Is there an age requirement?

We are still evaluating our age requirement policy, but plan on accepting reservations for all those over the age of ten accompanied by an adult over the age of eighteen.