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The Stratollite

World View’s Stratollite vehicle offers low-cost, long-duration (up to months at a time) persistence over customer-specified areas of interest. Among its wide variety of uses, the Stratollite will deliver a capability that will help researchers greatly advance our knowledge of planet Earth, improve our ability to identify and track severe weather, and assist first responders during natural disaster. Similar to a geo-stationary satellite (but in the stratosphere via high-altitude balloon) this new class of vehicle will offer a long sought after capability in aerospace – low-cost, continuous persistence over areas of interest. World View’s proprietary altitude-control technology allows it to harness the near-360° countervailing stratospheric winds to steer the Stratollite to and from desired locations, and loiter above them for weeks and months of time.

World View: Past, Present, and Future

World View’s innovative flight technologies offer a unique perspective of Earth from the edge of space. World View delivers meaningful insights to enterprises, agencies, and individuals via two primary business segments: Stratollite un-crewed flight systems and Voyager human spaceflight systems. Stratollites, in operation today, offer low-cost, long-duration, persistent high-altitude flight for enterprise and government agencies. Using advanced stratospheric balloon technology, Stratollite applications include communications, remote sensing, weather, and research. The Voyager human spaceflight experience is under development and will launch in the near future, offering private citizens a comfortable, safe, and perspective-changing voyage to the edge of space via high-altitude balloon.

U.S. Senator John McCain Congratulates World View

U.S. Senator John McCain congratulates World View, the State of Arizona, and Pima County on the Grand Opening of World View’s new HQ and Spaceport Tucson.

Global Headquarters Video Tour

World View’s new 142,000 sq. ft. facility is the world’s first purpose-built commercial gateway to the stratosphere. The newly constructed facility in Tucson, AZ will house World View’s stratospheric balloon manufacturing, stratocraft assembly, Stratollite and Voyager development activities, payload integration, and flight mission control.

Research & Education Capabilities

World View is more than just a private space travel company; as an active full-service launch provider we’re opening up a new era of stratospheric discovery for commercial customers, scientists, researchers, students, and educators around the world.

Astronaut Ron Garan Joins WV

World View has named retired NASA astronaut Ron Garan as Chief Pilot. A highly decorated fighter pilot, test pilot and astronaut who traveled 71,075,867 miles in 2,842 orbits of Earth, Garan will be responsible for the safe accomplishment of all flight operations.

Milestone Heavy Lift Test Flight

World View’s successful milestone test flight demonstrated its ability to routinely and safely carry heavy payloads to the near-space environment. This flight carried a 1,000lb payload to a final altitude of 100,475 feet (30,624 meters.)

The TODAY Show

TODAY Show anchor Al Roker stopped by World View HQ for a behind-the-scenes look at the people and technology behind one of World View’s various business segments – private space travel via high-altitude balloon.

A Sunrise from the Edge of Space

During a World View commercial payload flight, our cameras captured something magnificent. A perspective that reminds us of the majesty of our planet – the gift of a breathtaking sunrise from the edge of space.

The World View Experience

In due time, World View will leverage the technology developed from its commercial business operations to offer a previously unimaginable experience – private travel via high-altitude balloon to the edge of space.

The World View Mission

World View’s private spaceflight experience was conceived under the premise of offering up an entirely new perspective on the world. A perspective that helps us understand that we all live on a planet suspended in space, and that this planet, our home, is all that we have.

World View Breaks World Record

In June 2014, World View broke the world record for the highest parafoil flight ever flown, demonstrating key technology critical to commercial payload delivery and return systems and eventual human-tended spaceflight operations.

Research & Education Payloads

Dr. Alan Stern, Co-founder & Chief Scientist of World View, discusses commercial stratospheric research and education opportunities on World View’s high-altitude balloon payload delivery platform at the NewSpace 2014 conference.


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