World View works enables data-driven applications for businesses and municipalities who use mapping and sensor data to track maritime and land transportation and improve logistics. Stratollite data provides a unique crucial perspective as part of an overall mapping and monitoring ecosystem deployed by our clients to capture, analyze, annotate, and make strategic decisions.

Geospatial data to help accurately map your assets

World View helps our clients maintain their geospatial databases with current and historical data. Stratollites offer a persistent, high resolution source of aerial data for on-demand or recurring capture of key assets and geographies - all available with rapid turnaround as raw data for download, or in our World View data portal (in beta) for interaction, annotation, and reporting.

A New Age For GIS

Stratollites bridge the gap between satellite data that is restricted in resolution, availability, and weather patterns, and high resolution drone or LiDAR data that can only cover small, specific regions at high cost.


Update your GIS layers and mapping applications with high-resolution data (as low as 5cm GSD) from World View to improve geospatial analysis that directly drives company success for logistics and planning.


Monitor existing maritime and road activity with recurring data capture, or plan for new infrastructure with a high quality source of EO data from the stratosphere

How To Engage

Our global client base purchases World View data on-demand through our secure portal or directly from our client success team. Upload site coordinates and set a schedule for recurring orders, or browse our database of archived data from around the globe and purchase access to key areas of interest on the spot.


Upload site coordinates for custom orders and set recurring schedules.


Browse our database and purchase data from areas of interest


Place orders directly through a member of our client success team