The Project that Set the Stage for World View's Technology


Mission Overview

StratEx, short for “Stratospheric Exploration,” symbolizes the next chapter in a storied history of manned exploration of the stratosphere. Google Executive Alan Eustace traveled to the edge of space beneath a high-altitude balloon and returned safely via parafoil. After years of planning, preparation, and testing, Eustace and the team successfully completed a return from 135,908 feet, breaking world records in the pursuit to advance science and manned exploration of extreme environments.

The StratEx program was led by the same key personnel behind World View, and served as the foundation for a new era of commercial and private exploration at the edge of space.

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Record-breaking StratEx Dive – 135,908 feet – October 24th, 2014

Preliminary Testing & Development

The Technology

Developed over the course of three years by the world’s leading companies and individuals in balloon systems, life support, space suit design, parachutes, and space medicine, the technology used for the StratEx program has signaled a new era of routine and commercial stratospheric exploration.

The space suit used for this program was based on those used for the Apollo program and at the International Space Station. The suit was connected to a self-contained life support system so Eustace could ascend and descend through the harsh elements of the earth’s atmospheric layers.

The launch and flight systems developed for the program are the safest ever flown and will form the foundation of the technology used for all World View systems.

I can see the darkness of space and it's really awesome.
Alan Eustace Senior VP of Knowledge, Google