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October 24th, 2014 - Landmark Space Dive Sets Stage for World View Space Flights

13-05-03 StratEx Manned Thermal Test - Kern - 494

StratEx – short for “Stratospheric Exploration,” symbolizes the next chapter in a storied history of manned exploration of the stratosphere. After years of planning and preparation, Google Executive Alan Eustace and Paragon Space Development Corporation spearheaded a project to develop a self-contained space suit system that would safely carry Eustace, the Pilot, to the edge of space beneath a high-altitude balloon, culminating with a world-record breaking skydive.
World View, incubated by the company behind StratEx, is taking private space travel to new heights. Instead of self-contained space diving, World View will be sending people to the edge of space gently and comfortably inside a luxury space capsule. However, the flight technology behind the two projects is nearly identical, and World View has acquired the key technology, personnel, and lessons learned from years of development on the StratEx program.

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Published 2 40 PM, October 24th, 2014

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