Government Services

A next-generation tool for aerial intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications

World View provides critical data to government entities world-wide to enable persistent surveillance and reconnaissance of areas of interest as well as to position communications relays or other specialized sensors in the stratosphere.

The Value

World View’s ability to provide persistent, high resolution day/night imagery is of the greatest value to the government customer. Additionally, government customers have the option to provide World View with a government owned payload, communications link, and/or desired user interface.

Whether your need is for real-time data services in support of research, defense or civil protection, World View has the ability to support your application with data services from our shared infrastructure or from dedicated stratospheric sensor platforms.

How To Engage

Governments can purchase World View commercial data on-demand like a commercial customer through our secure portal or directly from our client success team or they can purchase Stratollite flights dedicated to their purpose(s).