Stratollite Flight Services

Introducing the Stratollite.

World View’s historic accomplishments and breadth of experience have culminated with a flight system that will enable previously impossible applications at a fraction of the cost of existing technology.

Stratollites offer all the advantages of high-altitude balloons – low-cost, rapid deployability, and low-impact flight – with an innovative new development: the ability to fly a variety of trajectories – from circumnavigating the Earth to persistence over a specific location.

Stratollites can maintain position over specific areas of interest for days, weeks, and eventually months on end. This allows for more sustained measurements and monitoring capabilities over a targeted area. Stratollites can carry a wide variety of commercial payloads (sensors, telescopes, communications arrays, etc.), launch rapidly on demand, and safely return payloads back to earth after mission completion.

With over 50 flights under its belt, World View is already routinely flying commercial payloads to the edge of space for a wide variety of government, commercial, and education customers.

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Contact a WV representative to discuss how we can serve your needs, spanning a variety of mission functions as listed below:

  • High-altitude capability (up to 46km)
  • Heavy payload capacity (up to 4,500kg)
  • Short to long duration flights (up to months at a time)
  • Persistent flight over areas of interest
  • Rapid deployment
  • Pinpoint landing with recoverable payloads
  • Downlink & Uplink Command Capability
  • Standard and custom payload accommodations


Stratollites will support a range of applications, spanning industries like disaster recovery and first response, communications, weather forecasting, and surveillance aid for U.S. troops. The applicability of the technology is only limited by the imagination of our customers and partners.


Offering rapid deployment of communications systems for first response, disaster recovery, internet delivery, and troop support.


Offering in-situ data capturing capabilities over remote areas for improved weather forecasting and related applications.

Remote Sensing

Offering a versatile platform for persistent imaging of remote and specific areas of interest.


Offering an affordable platform for a variety of research applications, from astro and solar physics to atmospheric sciences and space technology testing.

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T.S. Elliot

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