Hartman is the president and chief executive officer of World View. Hartman joined World View as CEO in early 2019 and has since led World View to become a purpose-driven, global brand that continues to pioneer humanity’s exploration and understanding of the Earth from the stratosphere. Prior to World View, Hartman served as president and chief executive officer of Insitu (acquired by Boeing), a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft.

Thomas leads international business development pursuits and is responsible for expanding World View’s global market share. Thomas has deep government and commercial connections across four continents from his time as the CEO of Boeing UK, Boeing India, Boeing Australia and Boeing China. Prior to his time at Boeing, he served in the Clinton administration where he helped shape and implement NATO policy in the office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and frequently wrote on U.S. and Allied defense and security issues.

Dr. Genna is president of World View’s Remote Sensing business division, which is a leader in capturing high-resolution imagery of Earth via remote-controlled stratospheric balloons for a wide variety of scientific, government and commercial enterprises. Previously, he led engineering and manufacturing at World View. Prior to World View, Matteo served as chief technology officer of Space Systems Loral (SSL, now part of Maxar Technologies), a leading provider of commercial satellites.

Kryst is responsible for corporate-wide strategic planning and supporting the leadership team with overall business priorities and execution. Previously, Kryst served as the senior director of programs to lead the Program Management Office. Prior to World View, Kryst held leadership roles across the aerospace sector ranging from product introduction, program management and strategic planning in advanced material science and environmental services.

Grenier is an environmentalist, actor, and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. He collaborates with World View’s leadership team to ideate and develop strategies to ensure the company’s sustainability goals are met through global partnerships, guest programming and corporate initiatives.

Dr. Stern leads the development of World View’s research and education mission program. He also leads the company’s science advisory board and exploration and tourism advisory board. As a renowned planetary scientist, former head of all NASA science missions, author, speaker and a co-founder of World View, Dr. Stern is a leading voice in space exploration as a means to better understand and protect our home planet.

Jones is chief operating officer for World View where he oversees daily operations and facilitates executing key programs and business functions. His portfolio includes manufacturing, engineering and product development operations. Previously, he was vice president of operational excellence for Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) operations where he worked on space launch systems and commercial crew programs.

Padilla is World View’s chief engineer, leading the World View engineering teams pioneering stratospheric exploration. As a founding World View employee, he led the StratEx team, a diverse core team of innovative engineers in the development, testing and operations of the entire StratEx system that engineered and orchestrated Alan Eustace’s record-breaking free-fall jump from the stratosphere.

Smith oversees the people, IT and facilities teams, leading World View’s recruiting, human resources, culture and technology initiatives. Prior to World View, Smith worked with global mining and engineering firms specializing in recruitment and employment law. She has also led full-cycle recruiting teams and strategic human resources programs.

Suarez leads World View’s finance team, steering the company’s accounting, audit and financial modeling initiatives. Prior to World View, Suarez worked in public accounting with companies such as Arthur Andersen and RSM McGladrey and private companies such as ASARCO copper mining.